In over 30 years of performing, the MBBJE has been featured at a variety of venues, including:


The band includes both professional and amateur musicians ranging in age from 18 to 83.  This 18-piece band (including vocalist) can play it all:



The faces in the band have changed over the years, but our fun-filled approach to performing live music hasn't.  Under the direction of Bruce Cassidy, we enjoy what we do and we think you'll enjoy listening to us!

Each year the band performs special Christmas, spring and summer concerts to showcase our music to the public at locations in both Mississauga and Toronto.  If you're interested in hiring the band, attending one of these concerts will give you a good idea who we are and how we can make your event a special one.  If you'd like, we'll even put you on our mailing list for future concerts.


Among the band's many achievements, these stand out: